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     Hi! I'm Miriam, a part-time flight attendant and a full time Toddler mom.
     I enjoy sharing lifestyle, travel and GRWM content to my community of 33k plus followers on facebook. My style combines a balanced mix of personable conversations, and vibrant Broll/footage that not only captures the viewers attention but also informs them. I invite you to browse my digital portfolio and I look forward to connecting!
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Website Design

Bring your business to life through a digital platform that enables your customers to explore your products, receive quotes, make payments and more, in a professional website customized to meet your needs.


Welcome your members, partners, contributors and others, to your beautiful virtual home. With log in access, your patrons now have donation options, they can stay connected and up to date with the latest information that is vital to your ministry and nonprofit organization.

Enhance your personal ventures with an online audience. Your subscribers and viewers will be able to explore your creative website, browse your merchandise, receive content updates, listen and read your latest work more. We are excited to serve you.

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